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Experts in Transformers, Power Supplies, and More

For over 45 years, HAHN-TRAFO has been a leading name in the world of small transformers. With a commitment to continuous innovation and expansion, they offer a diverse range of products and services to meet your needs.

Unveils customized, High-Performance, Switching Power Supply Transformers for metering industries

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Understanding Ignition Systems: From Heating Homes to Lighting Stadiums

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Your Trusted Partner for Customized Winding Solutions

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Power Up Your Designs with HAHN's Custom Winding Solutions for Power Electronics

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Comprehensive Product Portfolio:

  • Print transformers and chokes: Ideal for a variety of electronic applications.
  • Switching power supply transformers: Delivering reliable power conversion with capacities from 5W to 16W.
  • Ignition transformers and systems: Designed for efficient and safe operation.
  • Custom solutions: Tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

Quality and Reliability You Can Trust:

  • Extensive experience: Over 25 years of expertise in switching power supply transformers.
  • Proven track record: Successfully implemented in numerous projects across various industries.
  • Rigorous standards: Products comply with international standards like DIN EN 61558 and UL listings.
  • High-quality materials: Featuring heat resistance up to 155°C and low leakage inductance for efficient energy transmission.
  • Comprehensive testing: Including life testing according to your requirements, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Partnering with You:

HAHN-TRAFO's & Melchioni’s dedicated team are passionate about collaboration. We offer:

  • Technical support: Guidance on choosing the right product for your application.
  • Custom design services: Bringing your unique vision to life.
  • Forward-thinking approach: Working with you to tackle new and innovative projects.

Whether you need a standard transformer or a custom solution, HAHN-TRAFO is your trusted partner. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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The HAHN TRAFO EI30 series

HAHN Several hundreds of transformer types provide safety and long service-life for printed circuit boards, household appliances, leisure electronics, heating and control technology as well as in assembly techniques. Transformers for special requirements with lower open-circuit (no-load) loss capacity are also available in the range.

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The HAHN TRAFO EE20 series

HAHN Thanks to its minimal size the BV 20 is the ideal problem solution for appliance manufacturers requiring small components and who are not prepared to enter into any comprises as regards quality and performance demands. Processing with double-coated windings, special extreme heat-resistant epoxy insulating resins and self-extinguishing encapsulation housing materials give HAHN transformers extra electrical safety reserves enabling applications of extreme limits to be addressed.

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The HAHN ERP Series

HAHN The ErP Serie of HAHN is perfect for applications of the electric power supply in electrical and electronic household and office equipment with “stand by” and “off” conditions. Already today where a reduced power consumption of P0 0,4 W is required, the Erp Serie of HAHN will be a solution.

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Quality, performance that builds trust!

More than 70 years a market-player as a research & development and production company of high quality transformers, inductives, chokes, coils, converters, SMPS-transformers etc. The processing of copper-wire and other processing-services such as vacuum encapsulating or winding-activities belong to our core-competence.

Power Winding Goods & Interleaved PFC Chokes

An insightful presentation by HAHN, delving into the latest advancements in Power Winding Goods and Interleaved PFC Chokes. Explore the evolution from current PFC chokes to innovative designs, including Hybrid PFC and Interleaved Circuits & Chokes. Discover the advantages, such as higher performance within the same ambient temperature and size, smaller form factors, direct assembly on PCBs, and enhanced efficiency in interleaved mode.

Informations about EMC and PFC

Explore EMC and PFC with HAHN's presentation, delving into the necessity of PFCs in EMC considerations and the role of chokes in ensuring efficiency. With the increasing usage of SMPS and frequency converters alongside stringent EMC standards, HAHN introduces its PFC Choke Series, offering tailored solutions for active PFC, passive PFC, and common mode choke (CMC) applications. HAHN's CMC series boasts higher current, lower resistance, and optimized filter characteristics, catering to diverse needs with enhanced performance and versatility.